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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this unique?

It's the first and only multi-carrier, consumer facing, quoting and eApplication software for life insurance in the US.

How is this free?

We earn a commission from the insurance company as the general agency. View the commission schedule by creating a free account or signing into app.back9ins.com > Commissions > Products. Our SaaS plan is for agents that want to use their own general agency.

How do carrier appointments work?

On the Free plans, appointments are handled "just in time" meaning you don't have to be appointed with the insurance carrier prior to eSigning the application.

What product types are available?

You can display all or limit your product types to customize your user's experience. Try the following demos for each product type: Accidental Death, Accumulation Indexed Universal Life, Final Expense, Guaranteed Universal Life, Protection Indexed Universal Life, Return of Premium, Term, Universal Life, and Whole Life.

Do you offer instant decision life insurance?

Here's a link to demo instant decision term with Banner Life. Not available for business insurance or in New York.

Do you offer marketing materials?

Here's a link to download our marketing materials.

What carriers are offered?

American General, Assurity, Banner Life, Gerber, John Hancock, John Hancock New York, Lincoln National Life, Lincoln Life of New York, Nationwide, Nationwide New York, North American, Oxford Life, Pacific Life, Principal National Life, Mutual of Omaha, Protective Life, Prudential, Prudential New York, Savings Bank Life Insurance, United of Omaha, United States Life Insurance, and William Penn.

What underwriting types are available?

Fully underwritten, simplified issue (no exam), non medical (no exam, APS, or phone call), and guaranteed issue products are available.

How does setup work?

Create a free account at app.back9ins.com and receive an instant Quote & Apply website. Or go to app.back9ins.com > Quote & Apply > Settings > Open Quote & Apply Snippet > paste the code into the HTML of your website. Follow these instructions if you need help.

How can I integrate with my AMS/CRM?

You can use our EZLynx, Redtail, and Vertafore integrations by logging into the respective applications and enabling Quote & Apply. You can also build your own integration using our API. For example, you get quotes and display them in your AMS/CRM. You can then use our API's Pre-fill to launch Quote & Apply pre-filled with the data from your AMS/CRM. You can also integrate Quote & Apply by pasting your code snippet into your AMS/CRM (optionally pre-filling with propects' information).


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